In the “can’t be serious” department

When I first saw this ad, I almost fell off the couch – couldn’t believe an ad that actually used the tagline, “You Bet Your Sweet Aspercreme”. (Sadly this sort of ballsy move was met with serious flak, forcing a shift to the downright boring, “You Bet If It’s Aspercreme”.

Today, I got an email I thought was a joke, advertising Caulk Singles. Now maybe it’s because I don’t pronounce the L, but I was sure this was some sort of stealth gay cruising site. But it’s not, it’s a legit product that saves all the headache of your heretofore too difficult household caulking jobs.

But that’s not the unbelievable part. No, that comes when you visit their site and are presented with the opportunity to send your friends “nag-a-gram”. And this under the section labeled, “Fun Stuff”. Gee, I bet all my friends are just at the edge of their seats waiting for me to virtually nag them….


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