Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

According to Pam’s House Blend, those North Carolina fundies sure know how to give their pizza boxes a second lease on life. This young woman got quite flustered when Pam asked why she wasn’t out protesting divorce. And the folks at Good As You know the reason why.

Oh Pam, you silly — this young lady can’t speak out against divorce on this day. Divorce messages can only be carried on the backs of those nacho containers with the separate cheese compartments. You know, like the ones you get at baseball games? If you would read your “Dogmatic Fast Food Receptacle Handbook,” Pamela, then you too would know they breakdown:

PIZZA BOX — For damning gays

GREASY TACO BAG — For denouncing abortion

NACHO CONTAINER — For condemning divorce

CARDBOARD 4-CUP CARRIER — For rebuking atheists

And of course the most elusive of all the container-based evangelism:

IMAGINARY PACKAGING THAT WILL SOMEDAY CARRY SOME SORT OF YET-TO-BE-INVENTED SPACE FOOD — For remembering to not be so judgmental or to act like you have all the answers

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