We Share More Than DNA…

I saw this headline in my feed reader the other day:

Butts, Faces Help Chimps Identify Friends

image The text (it’s an abbreviated feed) reads, “The primates can identify photos of their acquaintances’ rears and match them with the right faces–an ability that may elude humans, experts say”.

Which reminded me of this headline:

German Bank Robber Gets Bum Rap

and the quote, “An alleged German robber has been identified and caught — not because her face was caught on camera or a distinctive t-shirt she was wearing had been seen again, but because an eagle-eyed witness recognized her large behind.  “(The witness) called the police and they arrested her and found her ski mask and hand gun in her jacket. He said he recognized her bottom straight away — he’d never forget something that big,” one bank worker told reporters.”

Guess the experts are wrong.


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