Weekend Fun

Last weekend I had the good fortune to attend my friend’s wedding, and to catch the History of Jews, Sex and Politics on the Lower East Side Walking Tour, a presentation of Levy’s Unique New York and KinkyJews.com.  The tour gave some really interesting historical insight, drew interesting parallels in Jewish political and social progress, and the amazing Eldrige St. Synagogue. It’s happening this weekend and maybe next, so email them if you’re interested.

If you’re in the Boston area, there are a bunch of great queer events happening on Saturday. The amazing Tristan Taormino is reading from her new book Opening Up at 4 pm at Symposium Books, 526 Commonwealth Avenue. Go grab dinner, then head off to either the GenderCrash Neighborhood dance party at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain, or the Femme Show at the Cambridge Family YMCA Theatre, 820 Mass Ave in Central Square. Both events start at 8.

I don’t think I’m going to make it to the Guerrilla Gay Bar takeover of the Scurvy Dog Bar at 1718 Westminister Street, but stranger things have happened. Festivities start at 9. I do plan to catch some of the anti-war protest tomorrow in Burnside Park in Downcity Providence. I’ve had enough and there’s so little we do to remind ourselves that people are still fighting and dying in a war based on lies. ARRRGH.


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