Political Loving

How Much Do You Love Him?

How Much Do You Love Him?

I’ve been a loyal reader of Providence Daily Dose for a while, as I like to know what cool things I’m missing to stay home and sit on the couch. But color me surprised to find the Obama dildo “promoted” there. Yes, it is indeed “alarmingly smily”…but also sort of fantastic. And if it’s not freaky enough inside the package, see the full, um, package, in animated rotating glory, after the jump.

Head O State...oy.

Head O State...oy.

I can’t wait for the forthcoming George W. Bush buttplug. Oh, and the website comes with the following warning:

Warning: For Novelty Use only. Do not use this product on swollen or inflamed areas.

Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose?


2 responses to “Political Loving

  1. thanks for the Dose mention! but how the heck did you manage to mention it nine days before i wrote it?

  2. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

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