Be Nice to the Woolverine Weekend

Since my birthday is next week, and we’re going to be camping with friends, Ellison invited me – via evite, she kindly reminds me – to a weekend-long early celebration of me. I’m a little too superstitious to celebrate my *birthday* early, so we she decided instead that it would be a “crush party” weekend. Coincidentally it’s also been an absolutely gorgeous weekend, and the leaves are just starting to turn.Yesterday we took a walk in an Audubon Society nature preserve, and it was beautiful. We explored all over, and saw turtles, birds, fish, and a couple of frogs. Walking among the beams of filtered sunlight felt like wandering through a magical forest (albeit one with more children than my ideal). Ellison had her heart set on seeing a minnow, and lay on the rocks to try to find one. My favorite kind of days are the ones that are just easy and relaxing.

Today we headed down to the Mystic Aquarium, where we spent lots of time checking out the Beluga whales. Ellison was *supposed* to be able to have an encounter experience with the whales but the encounter program shut down early this year because other whales are visiting from Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, so this is the closest she got. I beat out a million children to touch a stingray, though.

It has been a lovely weekend, which I really needed. Ellison, you’re the best.


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