Misleading Headline – Non-Political Edition

So I’m totally sick of political ads that misconstrue, mislead, and flat out lie – and I don’t care what party, 527, or dreaded special interest group they’re from. So I saw this headline today, and I thought monkeys were doing some kind of telepathy thing. But then I read the article and really the story is that scientists have successfully implanted electrodes in the monkey’s brains that allow them to control the paralyzed limbs. Still cool – maybe cooler for the scientifically minded – but WAY different from the headline. WTF, Nature?
clipped from www.nature.com

Monkeys move paralysed muscles with their minds

A monkey’s paralysed wrist can be moved and controlled by electrical signals artificially routed from its brain, according to scientists who say that their experiment is a step towards helping paralysed people to regain the use of their limbs.

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