Flagging Energy. (Left, Of Course.)

Early this morning, I roused myself from my warm and comfy bed to have a home energy audit. The waiting list is seriously long – I called in July and they were running a 12-week wait time – but it’s worth it. They go through your house and look at your heating and cooling systems, your insulation, appliances, and windows and doors, and tell you what you can do to improve your energy efficiency. Then, they estimate the costs, and the savings, and the time it will take to recoup the savings. They also give you DIY tips for easy conservation, upgrades, and improvements. They use green materials whenever possible, and will apply for rebates from the gas company for you. I’ve been thinking about attic insulation for a long time, and the price tag to insulate with blown-in cellulose, vent the soffits, and improve the bathroom ceiling fan ventilation seems well worth it, will be recouped in 3.5 years, and will reduce that drafty feeling of heat flowing out the roof.

What are you doing this heating season?


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