Hot Guy Patrol

Somehow I started sending Smarty Pants hot guy photos every morning.  When Ellison quit smoking, I added her to the list, as beefcake seems to help her get through the day.  Flippy wanted in on the action, and then EDCopper Catfish asked to join the service too.

My feed reader now contains such gems as “Hunk Du Jour” and “Just Beautiful Men”, and it’s changed the way search engines view me.  (Example – I did a search for “kevlar” and the first item that popped up was kevlar chaps.  Hmmm.)  But it has made me quite the connoissuer of the male form.  And thus, dear reader, I propse the following question: What do you think of the tribute or portrait tattoo?


2 responses to “Hot Guy Patrol

  1. Not unless the nipple is incorporated into the tattoo.

  2. I prefer to be referred to as Copper Catfish. You can shorten it to Copper if you need to.

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