Listening Pleasure

I am a freak.

I fully embrace this fact.  I have almost no attention span without some sort of sonic input.  NPR is generally my favorite option, because I can mostly tune it out until some particularly fascinating tidbit catches my ear, at which point I strive to work this tidbit into later conversation and sound extra special smart.

But now that I’m a cog in the machine, the live stream of NPR is blocked – can’t use RealAudio.  Instead, I’ve discovered Pandora, a streaming radio service based on algorithms from the Music Genome Project. What this means is that you can design your own radio station that will look for attributes similar to those of songs and bands you like. I’m lovin’ it – it’s totally floated me through a stressful week and LOTS of dense reading materials.

And Pandora is heavily sponsored by NuvaRing and Plan B, which I appreciate as a supporter of reproductive choice, while NPR lately has picked up major underwriting from the Department of Homeland Security and the racist and anti-trans eVerify program. Oy.

If you’re already using Pandora and interested in my current radio station click here to listen. If you aren’t already signed up you’ll have to….and you’ll have to pick a binary gender so they cand target ads your way….but it might be worth it.

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