Burp the Lid

Today on my way back to work after a lunch break, a young bedraggled looking fellow accosted me on the sidewalk. Thinking he was going to pitch me for money or to sign a petition or something, I instinctively backed away from him as he looked right at me and said, “Can I ask you something?” But I was surprised at the question: “How do you keep life from getting stale?”

Is it a compliment that he would ask me this question? Did my expression show that indeed my life isn’t stale? Did our paths cross at a moment of existential crisis? Can he see that – though dreadlocks were never my fashion statement of choice – there was a time when I too was an outsider, and I’ve found a way to be an insider that feels true to myself? Or is this just a random thing?

I am embarrassed by my answer. Everything I could think of was so trite – but the first thing that popped into my head was, “A big smile and new pins”. Yep. I pretty much told him that the answer is pieces of flair. What a bummer.

So I put it to you – what do you do to keep life from getting stale?


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