Why I Wish I Was A Kid Again

How cool is this?

It seems that because engines and mechanical things are all driven by computer chips, the ability of the young and curious to, say, take apart the old vacuum cleaner or rip the motor out of the blender while mom’s not looking is limited. In our disposable society, too, there’s way less modeling for tinkering, as you don’t so much fix things as throw them out and get a new one. And you don’t want to hand little people a soldering iron before their hand-eye coordination picks up a little. So here’s a toy to bridge the gap. And, as the folks at Cosmic Variance note, it’s more inclusive than many other such toys:

On top of just being extremely cool, for some reason Snap Circuits seems to have way more cross-gender appeal than the old Heathkit’s. It somehow cracked the code of not seeming like a gender-coded toy. There are no pictures of kids on the package (male, white, or otherwise), and it’s brightly colored without being frilly.

Having been a girl who spent lots of time playing with “boy’s toys” and who was often the only girl in rocketry and robotics classes at the science center – surprise! – I’m happy to see more genderless toys in this department. And it beats the living crap out of Capsela.

So, if you have a kid in your life and don’t mind being stigmatized as the

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