How It Feels

I’ve been struggling to explain to non-queer folks how election day felt to me. Of course I’m thrilled at the wave of change that is sweeping our nation, the hope that something new, something better, is coming. But at the same time I was told that my community, my friends, my family, means less than we did the day before. It’s not just Prop 8; it’s the passage of the adoption ban in Arkansas, and two weeks with no mention of LGBT folks on the website, and the invitation of Rick Warren to give the invocation at Obama’s inauguration. I’ve seen it too many times myself, and I know my history – queers are critical supporters, donors, voters, and organizers, and then we get thrown under the bus when things get tough.

Today Feministing and Queerty both feature this video by MC Flow, which sort of sums up what I’ve been feeling these last two months. It’s almost more painful to have this loss and hurt come on the heels of such hope and change, a ball of feelings all wrapped up in one confusing homunculus. Check it out and pass it on.


3 responses to “How It Feels

  1. Thrown under the bus as the sacrifice so someone else can seem acceptable by comparison… yep, that is knot-in-the-gut painful. I’m sorry, Wolverine. You work hard, make a difference, and willingly sacrifice. I am sorry legislation came to be that disrespect you, your friends, and family. I respect you greatly.

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