Hump Day

It’s late afternoon on Wednesday, always a tough time to stay focused. And combine that with the fact that you likely have had two short work weeks, you’ve likely joined the ranks of the clockwatchers. So I’ve got two entertaining little tidbits to keep you busy for a few minutes. The first, if you’re into the Brothers Grimm, is a fairy tale generator, which the folks at the Daily Dose were kind enough to bring to my attention. It’s surprisingly fun – I wanted to see how many combination it would produce for the same or similar variables.

The second is only work safe if (1) you can close your office door, (2) you brought headphones to work, or (3) your boss is a huge fan of Diamond Dave. It’s the Running with the Devil Soundboard, which is unsurprisingly just the right kind of rockin’ and geeky for the good people at Cosmic Variance to promote. (So see, folks, people *are* blogging about your bloggable subjects. But I think I’ll skip liveblogging any medical procedures, though.) Even if you’re not a Van Halen fan, check it out – it’s a visually stunning, phonically accurate deconstruction of this audio track.

That’s all I got. Hope you can make it through the rest of the week on your own.


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