Financial Stylings

I like to think of myself as a saver. I’m fairly frugal, like a good deal, and voluntarily keep daily spending to a minimum. But a more accurate statement would be that I’m a planned splurger. I almost never eat lunch out, I bring coffee from home, and I reuse ziploc bags. And then I go and buy this.

$150 worth of totally gorgeous yarn

$150 worth of totally gorgeous yarn

Ellison, on the other hand, is a spender. If she’s got money in her pocket, it’s going to get spent on something – lunch, gum, whatever. She’s never had a savings account. (But she never spends more than she has, which I totally appreciate!) She is aghast at how much tangible stuff I buy, and doesn’t understand how I can afford to do it *and* put aside more than 15% of my income each month. And the day-to-day frugality is how. I love to knit and I love to garden and I love to travel, and I’d rather not go out to dinner or a movie or whatever so I have money to spend on those things that bring me joy. And I’m lucky enough to make enough money, in a rather stable position, to be able to do so.

I’m thinking about writing for QueerCents about the finances of having an expensive hobby, and/or balancing discordant spending styles within a relationship. Would you read it?


2 responses to “Financial Stylings

  1. I’d read it. Every last word.

  2. Definitely interested.

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