Under The Gun

I am in that pre-vacation can’t-see-my-way-through-the-next-30-hours place where I’m considering going with nothing but an empty suitcase and buying new stuff instead of packing. Oy.

Why is it that while being on vacation is awesome, actually getting there is so awful? I’m running around with this list of home thing and list of work things jostling in my head….”don’t forget to complete that report….and turn down the water heater….and change your voicemail….and change the cat box….”

But…I’m going on vacation! A whole week in San Francisco, during which time our fabulous painter pals will be removing our horrific floral wallpaper border and giving a spankin’ new coat of paint to the hallway and guest room.

We’re going to the Academy of Arts and Sciences, Alcatraz, the GLBT Walking Tour and to Point Reyes, a truly magical place just a bit north of the city.

Will be offline much of the week but will try to leave a few tidbits here for you before I go. And will certainly have pics, updates, and more on the finance front upon my return on 1/24.


2 responses to “Under The Gun

  1. Woohoo! Only two more sleeps!!!

  2. Can’t wait to see you two out here! Don’t sweat the packing, it’ll work out. Bring a short sleeved shirt and also a sweater…

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