1 Up: A Cautionary Tale of Checking your Gauge

I am one of those knitters who rarely does the work of acutally knitting up a gauge swatch. Especially for a small project like a hat. Usually I’m doing something of my own design, and I have a good enough feel for my yarn and needles to get away with it. But every now and again I want to try something new, and this is where not checking your gauge gets you into trouble.

When I saw this adorable hat in the Winter ’08 Twist Collective, I thought it would be a fun introduction to knitting entrelac, something I admire but had never done before. I was using a store bought wool-cashmere blend and a handspun as my two colors. I used the ball band gauge and skipped the handspun – it felt about the same.

Well, it turned out enormous – Ellison said I looked like this:

So I tossed it in the washer and felted it up. Not sure it’s what I’d hoped for but it got lots of love from my knitting group. What do you think?


4 responses to “1 Up: A Cautionary Tale of Checking your Gauge

  1. it must have been huge before! looks good.

    (i actually knit my first swatch last week.)

  2. Yeah, it was pretty enormous. Now, it’s workable as long as it doesn’t flop over my eyes.

    And I’m vowing to be more gauge conscious in the future!

  3. Black and purple?

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