Terrible (Lizard) Towel

I grew up in Pittsburgh, so almost by definition, am a Steelers fan. People from less rabid cities (which is basically everywhere except maybe Green Bay and Oakland) don’t understand the level of football fever that grips the city on this Superbowl Eve. As I heard someone say on the radio yesterday, “Some people describe it like a religion. But we take it FAR more seriously than that.”

Ellison was in Da Burgh this week for work, and had the opportunity to view Football Fever in epidemic proportions. Her first flight home ended in Tampa, the flight next door was headed to Tampa, and people in the security lines were chanting, “Let’s Go, Steelers!” But my favorite thing is that the Tyrannosaurus Rex that haunted my childhood trips to the museum, now relocated to the airport, proudly displays his Steelers pride.

And best of all, Ellison returned with a Terrible Towel of my very own, without even knowing that they provide ongoing support to Pittsburgh’s autistic and developmentally disabled and a Steelers cookie as a gift from Alpha Dog.

Here we go Steelers, here we go!


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