This Is What Love Looks Like

Ellison has a remarkable ability to find herself butt-up on the ground.  Here she is in Ogunquit:ogt-034

And hiking in Caratunk:

And any number of other places, all of a sudden I realize I don’t know where Ellison is, and there she is, butt up. So when she asked me to do a blog post *about* her butt, I could have gone about it any number of ways.

But I thought carefully about what I really wanted to share, and it is this. Every night, before Ellison and I go to bed, no matter where or with whom we are, we take a time out to do “our happies”. This is a list of things that made each of us happy throughout the day. The rules are few but important – they have to be things that you saw or experienced or thought about that brought out a positive feeling, and you can’t use it to be a backhanded jab or mean thought about someone else.

Sometimes we put it off too long, especially if one of us is travelling, and then, if we’re too tired to think about it, somehow the default answer to, “What made you happy today?” has become, “Your butt.”

Not sure what this says about us – probably more telling than that we quantify our love using bananas as a unit, though neither of us cares for bananas. But(t) there you go.


5 responses to “This Is What Love Looks Like

  1. Nothing better than pics of Ellison’s butt to brighten up my day!

  2. I love you pluots on a scale of one to bananas.

  3. You don’t like bananas?! What’s wrong with you people?!! I have, like, 10 of them sitting in my desk drawer next to me at work right now.

  4. Who can eat 10 bananas before they go bad?!?!?!?

  5. @ ED – I aim to please.
    @ Smarty Pants – I love you persimmon.
    @ Sarah – it’s a texture thing for me first, then smell. But I agree with ED – they’d be brown and bringing fruitflies to my desk before I could go through them.

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