Music To Divest To

A while back keeping up with my feed reader became a full time job.  And since I already have a full time job, as well as a rather fulfilling life and several hobbies and even human beings to talk to directly – gasp! – I often fall behind.

Here’s a disturbing glimpse at the man behind the curtain: I often take a couple of hours over the weekend to post a whole week’s worth of posts in advance, and then let things go relatively unattended.

But things like these little stock market ditties are too good to pass up, even in a week full of posts.  German composer Johannes Kreidler put Microsoft Songsmith through the paces plotting melodies to a variety of statistical charts including the collapse of various financial institutions, stock plunges, and the number of dead American GIs in Iraq.  Maybe it’s the Bossa Nova backbeat but it all sounds surprisingly upbeat.  Who knew?

(via Towleroad and HuffPo.)

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