Want it.

I’m a little obsessive about my knitting, and since I recently decided to invest more time, energy, and money in improving my tools and techniques, I’ve changed the way I look at things. Less yarn, more books and tools and things.

Hence: The Knit Witty

A notebook designed to hold notes on pattern changes, yarn amounts, etc. A calculator included – key for yarn substitutions. It’s got a needle tracker so you know in an instant if you have the right tools for the job.

Instead of shelling out the $25 bucks for the real deal, I think I’m going to give a retired planner a makeover….


2 responses to “Want it.

  1. check this one out-
    a multitool for knitters! do you think they’ll make a little leather belt clip for it?


  2. Whoa!!! I’m feeling a strange tingle down south with that one.

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