Ringing in my Ears

This post is part of the Other Mother’s Freedom to Marry Blog Carnival!

mmiThis is my grandmother’s high school ring. She graduated from Julia Richmond High School in 1933, and was very proud of that accomplishment. She left it to me after she died, and I wear it when I want to feel close to her.

tedandadaShe and my grandfather were together for nearly 70 years. Their love was deep and true and often confusing to those of us on the outside. She and I never sat down and had “the talk” but when she first came to see our house she took a quick walk around, paused in the bedroom doorway, said, “One room, eh?”, looked us each up and down, nodded and went about her way.

I miss her now but am sure that when Ellison and I finally figure out how to formalize our relationship, her absence will be especially keen.

So get on the stick already, people, and support marriage equality. Because whether or not to marry should be the choice of the parties involved, not the purview of legislators. And everyone deserves to share their love with the people who matter to them.i

10 responses to “Ringing in my Ears

  1. Where’s the ring?

  2. I’m stopping by for “something Old” blog day. Thanks for sharing. That’s a great picture of your grandparents.

  3. @Sarah – sorry – fixed it – thanks for the heads up and comment again if you can see it.

    @andy – Welcome and thanks for saying “hi”! Happy Freedom to Marry Week!

  4. Wow, great post!! Happy freedom to marry week!!!

  5. Thanks CJ – to you as well! Thanks for stopping by. And for the good advice in your blog title 🙂 That’s a story I think I’d like to hear.

  6. What a pretty lady your grandmother was. Interesting story too. Happy Freedom to Marry Week!

  7. I can’t believe how much your grandmother looks like you! Even her slight leaning the left in the photo, a position that seems just like you, too. Guess good looks just run in your family…

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