Go Local, Go Anti Commercial

This whole week has been an exercise in love for me here – between writing and reading others’ posts on Freedom to Marry Week. So tomorrow being Valentine’s Day feels a little anticlimactic to me. We’re having 5 houseguests for the weekend, I’ve got a ton of work to do, and I don’t really want to just buy STUFF because you’re supposed to.

(Aside – I’m an avid NPR supporter, and love having a local and newly independent affiliate in WRNI. But they’ve been running this fundraiser all week where you can pledge $150 and get a dozen roses, or get 2 dozen and a box of chocolates for $250. Their pitch is that this is “money you would have spent anyway”. Is that really how much people feel they need to spend on this completely made-up modern holiday? I’d rather go old school.)


If you’re looking for a way to celebrate that’s really special, and that supports local economy and local food, check out the Wintertime Farmers’ Market from 11am – 2pm at Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket.

RISD Executive Chef, Pierre St. Germain, will be offering a free tasting menu featuring local meat, seafood and cheese. Newport Vineyards will be sampling wines that pair perfectly with each dish. Chef Pierre’s decadent menu will include:

* Bomster scallop truffles (cocoa dusted) on a bed of microgreens from Baby Greens finished with a vanilla-pomegranate beurre blanc
* Horseradish crusted, shredded beef sandwich on fresh bread topped with garlicky Angelito spread from Narragansett Creamery
* Crispy Matunuck oyster with local honey, whole grain mustard


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