Historical Inaccuracies

Last weekend Ellison took me on a secret surprise trip. She told me when to plan for it, but otherwise didn’t tell me anything until the day before. As it turned out, we went to Sedona, Arizona, a beautiful place where neither of us had ever been before. I wouldn’t suggest it for a weekend away – a little too much travel for the amount of time we had, especially because Arizona doesn’t observe daylight savings time, but it sure was nice to be out in the sunshine for a while.

My favorite thing we saw was this cool spring-fed sink hole called, erroneously, Montezuma’s Well. In the middle of gorgeous desert, here is this amazing well of water with ducks, turtles, and maybe even an otter family!

Ellison using her spotter-eyes

Ellison using her spotter-eyes

We stayed at the lovely Luna Vista Bed and Breakfast, which is outside of town and situated perfectly. Because while the surrounding areas are all just gorgeous, Sedona itself is kind of a tourist trap – lots of fortune telling, crappy t-shirt shacks, and crystal shops.

My favorite part of the trip, which was totally accidental, was happening upon a gem show hosted by the local gem and fossil club. At the county fairgrounds, it had a $3 admission and was a real taste of town. I didn’t buy anything but I did learn all about making a sphere from a stone. Fascinating.

All in all – I hope to go back for longer some time, I’m thrilled we didn’t stay in town, and I’m glad to be home.


2 responses to “Historical Inaccuracies

  1. you bought me a hot dog at the gem show.

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