So Let It Be Written…

yes, I own these.

yes, I own these.

So, today at sunset Passover begins. If you don’t know the holiday you can, of course, do a web search, but I strongly suggest renting The Ten Commandments. Nothing like a little technicolor education led by Charlton Heston. I’m excited to be celebrating bravery in the face of oppression in a week that really is starting to feel like a tide toward equality has turned. I’ve written before about the mixed feelings I had around the November election, and my own burnout working in a movement that spends as much time fighting with friends as taking action forward. So I’m happy to be rejoining and old friend, meeting some new folks, spending some time with my sister Whippersnapper, and taking a detour by the yarn store. Ellison isn’t coming along, which makes me sad, but it will be nice to have a sleepover with the Whippersnapper, and I don’t think Ellison would have fun anyway.

It’s spring, a time of renewal and reflection and growth and change. How do you want to change the world around you, and how does it change you?


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