Right Back At You

It’s been such a beautiful spring that I haven’t been writing much. I’ve cleaned up the garden, had about a million friends visit from in and out of town, and Ellison and I have been exploring the Audubon Society of Rhode Island wildlife refuges and trails. And thus, I haven’t been spending much time online.
dscn0624 (And by the way – anyone know what these things are? We’ve been seeing them everywhere, and I think they’re just lovely, but I’m unfamiliar.)

But, dear reader(s), today is Blog Reader Appreciation Day. So thanks to everyone who has stopped by, commented, passed a link along, or otherwise supported this self-indulgent endeavor. It seems like a good time to inquire about what you like, what you could do without, what you’d like to see more of. So please feel free to comment or, if you are one of Those Readers, send me an email. I aim to please.


2 responses to “Right Back At You

  1. skunk cabbage!

    have you been to Fisherville Brook? That’s my favorite.

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