Pack y Derm

dscn07691What lurks behind this mild-mannered door? Nothing special, just….ELEPHANTS!

I know I’m not supposed to love the circus, but I do. And since I don’t buy tickets anymore, I compromised tonight by taking Ellison on a date to see the Ringling Brothers animal train unload in Downtown Providence. The video is poor quality but I hope you enjoy. More video on YouTube under TheWoolverine

The Elephants Unload

The Lead Elephant Starts Things Off


The Littlest Horse of All


4 responses to “Pack y Derm

  1. Have you been to the Big Top Circus? We went last year and it was pretty damn cool- they’re in Charlestown in July.
    (the tent is air-conditioned)

    • Ellison took me last year – I musta been good – we were there with the Governor and his grandkids. It was awesome. Wanna go this year?

  2. I would definitely be into going again.

    The Governor, huh? I can think of like… a million people I’d rather sit next to at the circus.

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