Busy Body

I did something cool yesterday: took a spinning lesson.  No, not on bikes – spinning my own yarn.  My first attempt looks a little bit like a third grade art project but I’m proud and excited to practice on my own. dscn0809dscn0808 I worked on something called a “drop spindle”, and boy, did I drop it. But I’m confident I’ll get better with time, and it’s really, really fun. The first pic is how the spindle hangs – you spin it between your hands like a top, and the twisting winds the yarn. The second pic gives a better glimpse of what the yarn itself looks like. You can click either of them for a bigger view if you care.

Then, Ursula and I went to our favorite garden center to pick up some plants for our vegetable gardens. I planted 2 kinds of lettuce, eggplants, peppers, parseley, and have green beans and peas just starting to come up. More spots wait for tomatoes (still too early for them), and maybe some more herbs. dscn0806

Then Ellison and I went to see the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie which is, frankly, not very good. Fortunately Hugh Jackman looks fantastic in a tank top and spends a lot of time just looking cool. The kid in front of us clearly had either TB or swine flu, but otherwise a fine showing. Then off for Indian dinner and home to crash – it was a busy day!

Now Ellison is making us brunch – eggs “so hot they’re going to make us cry” – and then we’ll take care of some stuff around the house until it’s time to meet my family in Boston for dinner. All in all a fabulous weekend.


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