Deep Thoughts

You know, I don’t like to get all serious here too often, but last night I was finding myself in a bit of a funk. I read Andrew Sullivan’s article on how queers get fucked by our government, and it really fed into my cynicism about this administration. (The best part? The proposed title of the late Bob Hattoy’s book: “It’s the economy, Faggot”. Talk about laughing through gritted teeth.) I watched a little of the marriage equality hearing at the RI House and got to hear a helping of the usual unnatural, disease spreading, slippery slope, social experiment, dolphin marriage drivel from those who oppose equality, and decided I just couldn’t deal with going myself. And I was sitting on the couch trying to assuage my own guilt when a twitter twit tweet from ScoutOut caught my eye. An event with “cool best sparkly tranny energy”? Down the street from my house? Perfect. And while I didn’t love the pieces I saw, it was great to sit in a room full of transgressives and support local art and build community and just BE…. And waaay better than just wallowing on the couch.


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