The Same You Can Believe In

In case you haven’t seen Obama’s Plan for Gay Rights:

Last night I went up to Boston to see Pansy Division, and since they didn’t go onstage until 11, needed an early activity because, well, I’m not 19 anymore. Luckily, Ellison found a showing of Bloodsisters at Lucy Parsons. Lots and lots of talk about the politics of being queer and out and organized and leather and visible. But it was really hard to stomach all the conversation about the 1993 March on Washington being stiff-armed by the powers that be on the very night that – after supporting a Justice Department brief upholding DOMA – Obama was tossing incredibly insulting crumbs to the LGBT community. And of course these crumbs come just ahead of a major Democratic National Committee fundraiser for the LGBT community. Go figure. As my friend said, “Republicans will stab you in the stomach on LGBT issues. Democrats will give you a hug, then reach around and stab you in the back.” That’s not the kind of reach-around I want from my political leadership.


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