I was raised with feminist parenting philosophies. I came up through the post-punk and Riot Grrl movements against the backdrop of an AIDS crisis decimating a community I hadn’t yet found. All of these prized a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mentality that I think colors my current romanticization of new-wave urban homesteading. All of this helped me grow up with a strong spine, a solid sense of self, and a comfort with being different.

Yet every now and again, I hit something that I’m not sure I can rationalize. I love to knit lace, and I love to wear lace scarves and stoles I’ve knit. But I’ve just completed an absolutely gorgeous lace shawl in a wonderful yarn in a gorgeous colorway. But a lace shawl? I’ve worn it a couple of times but I’m not really sure I can pull it off. (Not for lack of web searches and tips from other knitters about what to do when faced with this dilemma!)

So I give you: the Gail Nightsongs Shawl, as knit in Schaeffer Anne (colorway Cat Power) All advice on wearing is welcomed.



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