Musical Road

I’ve been listening to the newest album by Vieux Farka Toure, a Malian guitarist, somewhat obsessively since I picked it up before going on vacation. The music is so compelling, so broad ranging, but I can listen to it at work without losing focus on what I’m doing – perfect!

I’m a big fan of West African music generally, but what I particularly like about Farka Toure’s instrumentalizing is the way he takes a modern electric guitar and makes it sing like a kora, a traditional west African instrument that sings to my soul. Especially amazing is the final track, Paradise, where Farka Toure plays a kora/guitar duet with legend Toumani Diabate (the link provides plenty of traditional kora music, as well as Diabate’s electric kora!). So. I highly recommend “Fondo”, the new album by Vieux Farka Toure, and think it’s going to be a good chunk of my summer listening.


2 responses to “Musical Road

  1. i had no idea you were a kora fan. i find it so heartbreakingly, breathtakingly beautiful that the first time i heard it, i had to know more. i have yet to see it performed live, a goal of mine to see toumani diabate play some day. i do know one song from “fondo” i must investigate. thanks for the recommendation. azg

    • It is an amazing and inspiring instrument. I lived with a pan (steel drum) band leader and instructor for a summer – which is its own long and strange story – and had the opportunity to meet and hear live – on my porch! – a performance by Balla Tounkara. That is a memory I truly cherish.

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