Today was the kind of day that makes me love urban dwelling. (Good thing too, since I was a little over it last night when our neighbor was screaming that he was going to let his pit bull out to attack some woman in the street sometime well after midnight.) I usually go to Wednesday night yoga, but because we suffered our first community garden vandalism I blew it off and biked to the library to pick up some books I’d reserved, and headed to the garden meeting instead. It was the first time we’ve had a critical mass of gardeners since the build day, and it was great to put faces with names (and produce!). Squash



I got some lovely kale from one of my neighbors, and got some advice on how to use a piece of shingle to keep my squash off the ground. My watermelon and cantaloupe vines seem to have tripled in size, and are coming along quite nicely – I’m still hopeful that, despite the late start, Number 19 will bear me some melons this season. And I found this helpful visitor on my tomato plants, hopefully helping to keep aphids at bay.

Ursula and his 8 foot tomato!

Ursula and his 8 foot tomato!

Then I went over to Ursula’s house to ogle his amazing tomato vines, take a walk, and have a cold dairy snack that is not to be mentioned in our household this week. On the way back to his house, we took a shortcut that took us past an amazing wild black raspberry patch, so instead of going right home we picked some tasty goodness. Then I biked home the long way, full of joy. I like it when I take a time out to appreciate my wonderful life!


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