Vine Explosion!





I haven’t been at the garden since Friday, since I was away for the weekend and had to take my car to the shop yesterday. And man, a few days of sunshine has made everything EXPLODE! Some of this growth is totally awesome: cucumbers and hot peppers almost ready to eat, my first (of MANY) ripening roma tomatoes, and exponential growth in the watermelon and cucumber vines. Other folks already have eggplants (I’m jealous – I don’t even really have any flowers!), broccoli, kale, and many varieties of squash and tomatoes abound. It’s really an amazing development in a nearly abandoned urban park, where a kid was shot just over a year ago.

Some of the growth, though, is a little less awesome, at least to me. This bloomed on the new gate over the weekend:
DSCN1276[1]It makes me really uncomfortable to be in the middle of a public park, visible from all points, and be locking other folks out. Add to that that (1) we don’t have a sign explaining what/who we are and how to get involved and (2) we have a much lighter average complexion than that of other park patrons, and my skin kind of crawls. I’ll have more on this later – probably some semiotic treatise on “othering” – but it will have to wait until I get my thoughts together a little more.


One response to “Vine Explosion!

  1. Patricia Dixon

    Hi, there is something about how vines can take over.
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