Oh, Mama….

Driving to Pittsburgh takes a long time, and when I have to work the day we leave, it means arriving super late at night (or early in the morning). So rather than wake up any of our friends, I arranged with my parents to arrive there Friday with Ellison, Rudy McRuderson, and GirlScout, and have breakfast with them Saturday morning before heading out to spend the weekend with our other friends. My mom noticed Rudy’s polar bear t-shirt. “Do you like bears?”, she asked.


“I do…” replied Rudy.

“I have a shirt for you,” mom announced, and went upstairs. She emerged with a shirt featuring a polar bear, a black bear and a grizzly bear in profile.


“I”ll try it on.” Perfect fit.

I just sat there as my worlds collided right there on my parents front porch.

The shirt looks fantastic, though.


2 responses to “Oh, Mama….

  1. “Rudy McRuderson”? Email me on the other side.

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