Long Term Planning

Yesterday’s edition of Ten-Word Tuesday over at Bossy’s blog was a challenge to describe your dream landscape.

I have long harbored a vision of a 400 square foot beach front cottage, with ample yardage and perhaps a greenhouse (and chickens!), in which I would live after Ellison died from a heart attack/emphysema/sedentary leg swelling disease. The little house would be lined with labeled shelves, boxes, and drawers – a place for everything and everything in its place – and so clearly was not destined to be occupied by Ellison. This – and a hefty life insurance policy – helped me to feel better about making a life with someone who made some seriously unhealthy choices and who I felt sure would die young and leave me all alone.

However, Ellison has undergone a life revolution in the last year, which involves quitting smoking, hitting the gym, and eating better. Now, it’s not clear who will outlive whom. But I’m having a hard time letting go of the future I’ve been counting on. So I told Ellison I’ll give her 50 years – which leaves me at 72, still plenty of living to do – and then reevaluate.


2 responses to “Long Term Planning

  1. You are a horrible (read: hilarious) person

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