Kind of Blue

I always find this time of year to be a bit melancholy. The weather is often unbearably warm, but the days are already noticeably shorter – I find my outside time cruelly abridged by this unfortunately combination. But like all things, it is just one part of a constant cycle of change, and soon fall, my favorite season, will be upon us. Once the kids go back to school, once it’s not so bakingly hot and unbearably humid, and things get back to a normal routine, I find I once again want to go to the beach (less crowded), work in the garden (less hot and humid), and start thinking about how to improve my beds for next year.

DSCN1429And of course, my first love, knitting, comes back to the fore. Though she has by no means been ignored this season; here’s my latest creation, just finished last night….


2 responses to “Kind of Blue

  1. Love it! It looks beautiful on you!

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