Post Wedding Fun

On Friday night, Copper Catfish and Peanut tied the knot. On Sunday, they took a select group of friends and loved ones to Fenway Park for a Red Sox game.

We rode up with Prince Charming and High Voltage. High Voltage, like me, doesn’t care about baseball, so she took off to see her friend and the baby. But Prince Charming is a HUGE sports fan, and since she’d never been to Fenway, we had to have the full Yawkey Way experience. This was super fun for me since I don’t like drunks, crowds, or sports. But I like my friends an awful lot. Emphasis on the awful.

From there we had to wind our way through the bowels of Fenway – more crowds, more drunks, and plenty of hawkers, kids under foot, and PA announcements. Strangely, amidst all these folks, there was no line in the women’s bathroom.

Then we emerged into the sunshine. We had great seats in center field, and while I was a little overwhelmed by the baking sun, it was way way way better than the drenching rain that soaked us on Saturday.

Fenway has many amazing things about it, which I will be sharing throughout the week, but one is that they sell fruit cups. There is nothing better than a cup of watermelon cubes when you think your face is about to melt off. And also, this ad:


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