Garden’s Bounty

TOMATOES. Oy. My Roma tomatoes are finally starting to ripen, and each time I’ve gone to the garden in the last week, I’ve pulled out 15-18 ripe ones. I’m starting to make my own sun-dried tomatoes, and Ellison and I might make sauce this weekend.

DSCN1479And starting this weekend, I’ll have at least two ripe eggplants a week. Anyone got any delicious eggplant recipes, preferably which also freeze well, since Ellison hates eggplant and won’t really eat it? I’m thinking of trying Nigella Lawson’s recipe she described on NPR this weekend.

DSCN1481For some reason, despite having vines everywhere, I have only one watermelon, and two cantaloupes. DSCN1480I’m looking forward to them – the watermelon might be ready by the weekend, though I’m completely unsure how to tell. I think the cantaloupes will take a little longer.

DSCN1482The hot peppers and cucumbers are trucking along, as are the traditional basil plants. But I have a giant, amazing bush of Thai basil, which Ursula rooted from a garnish in a bowl of Tom Yum. It’s at least 3 feet tall and absolutely gorgeous. Maybe an Asian pesto is in my future.

But most exciting was this sign:
I don’t know anything about what farms will be represented, or what will be available, but I’m excited to have fresh produce available right in the neighborhood.


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