One thing that happens when you knit a lot is that you wind up with tons of odd balls of yarn. Because there’s nothing worse than running out of yarn part way through a project, and because I tend to extend body and arm lengths when I knit for my own freakish proportions, and because yarn is sold in hanks, not projects, almost every project leaves a little extra (or a few extra balls). Plus, with learning to spin (which I’ve been neglecting – hope I haven’t forgotten how!) I’ve got all kinds of short lengths of handspun. So what’s to be done with all those strange, small lengths of yarn? Why, knit strange little stuffed creatures for all your friends, of course!

This book has gotten amazing reviews, and our state library system has finally purchased a copy, which I’m 7th in line to receive. And they make great gifts – I myself just got a lovely bunch of knitted grapes from Smarty Pants, which I think will help spruce up my cubicle. So, dear readers, you just may become the recipient of an amazing and tiny creature. Make sure I have your correct address……..


6 responses to “Want.

  1. My cubicle is sorta boring in Illinois:
    1451 Dundee Ave
    Elgin IL 60120 šŸ™‚

  2. I am first in line, and I have a photocopier. šŸ™‚

  3. Ooh ooh! I want an angler-fish!

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