The other day I was talking with M/W, recounting a conversation I’d had with my sister about eating crab, even though they’re treyf.
“They’re what?” she asked.
“Tref,” I replied. “Traif. Treyf. Not kosher.”
“I’ve never heard that word,” she replied.

This was so bizarre to me because it’s so conceptually important to me as a Jew, a queer person, an outsider. And M/W told me that friends of hers had done a film on just this subject, that by our very nature queer Jews are treyf. And as I plan to celebrate the new year at a Sephardic seder hosted by a transgender transnational transgressive couple, I think I will continue to select what is treyf to me, and what I embrace.


One response to “Treyf

  1. Hey jenn and woolverine readers:

    Here is the information about the aforementioned film: “TREYF”, a 1998 fim by Alisa Lebow and Cynthia Madansky. It is available through Women Makes Movies,
    l’shanah tovah to all, may we find our wholeness in these days of awe.

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