Totally Tubular

This weekend I’m seeing two friends I’m making presents for, and I’ve been knitting in the round like a fiend. Yes, I’m off the wagon on my year of selfish knitting, and I’ve fallen way behind of my goal.

First, a bike chain cozy to keep KD’s bike chain from making her cold in those Maine winters.
Sept09 014It’s a bright orange wool/angora blend, wonderfully fuzzy, and may someday have a matching balaclava designed to accommodate helmet straps.

Next is a pair of stranded colorwork mitts for Smarty Pants, which she requested some time back and which I rejected outright because I hate color work and don’t have the patience for dealing with strands.
Sept09 017This started out as a guilt gift – I spun yarn and made her a scarf from my handspun, but now that it’s done, I think it looks a little too crafty. What do you think of the scarf? Click the photo for a picture of the whole thing. Sept09 005 Anyway, I started the mitts on Monday night, and frankly, they’re not too bad to work on. High hopes to be done before we head home on Monday.

And then, I’m going to do some flat knitting for a while. Tubal ligation.


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