Frozen Eye

Common Ground Country Fair was lovely. It’s a festival put on to celebrate organic farming and gardening and showcase local products, industry, and political action in Maine. Sadly, my camera has broken and I was unable to take any photos – poor thing looks like a defunct Furby, with its eye unable to open or close all the way. But Kristina has some up here. One thing I learned: Hippies are undeterred by cold. Friday night there was a hard frost, and campfires were prohibited at our campsite, but still the hippies and their drums and white-kid-dreads were out in force, and sat outside drumming and dancing long after my shivering behind had been tucked safely into its layers of sleeping bags and blankets. What is it that makes these earth children able to withstand the elements?

I bought some lovely yarn, and some lovely spinning wool, and saw about a billion breeds of sheep, goats, rabbits and poultry I’d never dreamed of. I think my future homestead will be well-outfitted. I also spun up a batt of mulitcolored orange yarn to turn into a cowl for M/W, whose family suffered a devastating loss last week. It seemed important to spin it up in the Maine sunshine, and to pull the project together quickly. It hasn’t been received yet, so I won’t say more now, but Kristina captured the work in progress.

I returned in time to mark Yom Kippur with my traditional mix of fasting, reflection, and amends, and spend Monday peacefully preparing for the coming year. My life keeps getting better and better, and I’m excited and inspired by the passage of time.


2 responses to “Frozen Eye

  1. goodie goodie for me. love to hear about the dancing hippies in the cold. big love to you, dear friend.

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