The Doctors.

Between health and work issues and copious travel, I haven’t updated my blog in so long it’s a good thing I have my password saved. But my dear friend Copper Catfish decided today was a good day to send people to the blog, so I decided it was a good day to update.

Ellison had a minor outpatient surgical procedure this afternoon so I had the rare opportunity to watch daytime TV. Today’s sampling included The Doctors, a drama-filled program where for some reason they were holding a dissected brain and lung on television. Some folks in the surgical waiting room found this disturbing. Go figure. My favorite moment came just before a break, where the outgoing voice-over read in an ominous voice, “Coming Up: Ten Medical Tips You Can Use To Prevent Medical Errors! These may save YOUR life, or the lives of your LOVED ONES!”

dr pundiWell, Dr. Pundi has a tip of his own. DON’T PRACTICE MEDICINE IF YOU AREN’T A DOCTOR. In fact, if you are a doctor and you are getting medical advice from a daytime talk show, you probably shouldn’t practice medicine either. Dr. Pundi, a graduate of Build-A-Bear University Medical School, thinks this should be obvious.

That is all. CC, thanks for the kick in the butt to attend to my blog.


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