Return to Regularly Scheduled Programming.

With Ellison still out of commission this weekend, we thought ahead and planned our own low-key fun at home. Rudy McRuderson and GirlScout came over for pizza, and brought pumpkins for carving. Rudy and GirlScout teamed up to carve the big one with the spider web image Ellison had selected. I went for a Donna Reed-style flip, first time I’d ever given a jack o’lantern hair! Rudy took this awesome pic, with the super spooky shadow of the tree outside. pumpkins GoldenBoy was around for the weekend, but we were all feeling pretty low-key, so we spent a lot of time lounging about, napping, cuddling, and eating. Ellison made fantabulous Saturday and Sunday brunches, and some guacamole which made a delicious snack. I also got a LOT of knitting done – I had a few little projects that needed ends woven in, harder blocking, final touches, etc. So today I am able to debut both my Gallery Jacket and this little shawl pin from Designs by Romi, which I was generously given by Somebunny’s Love from my knitting group. It’s nice to know that even when I’m rushing along on deadline, I can find a little zen within myself by looking at my knitwear!

Today I expect delivery of my new replacement camera. Since my old one died at the end of September, I’ve been having a hard time capturing the images around me that keep me fired up for this blog. But I hope the replacement will inspire me to more regular posting.


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