Vote Equality

Today is election day, and in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Washington State, and Maine, the voters are presented with a choice to support basic equality for their friends and neighbors, or to repeal legislative measures ranging from anti-discrimination ordinances through marriage equality. I am most familiar with the campaign in Maine, and they have been doing amazing work on the ground for 25 years to get to this place, organizing the living daylights out of communities across the state and doing the hard work of changing hearts and minds. I’m sending love their way and know that they’ve done everything they can.

I’m really hopeful that the folks in Kalamazoo will see through misleading, hateful ads that shamelessly paint transgender people as playground child molesters. It pains me deeply that these arguments still have a foothold in society, and it would be amazing to see a ballot measure be defeated.

And last random thought for today is that it’s M/W’s birthday, and strangely, I received my birthday gift the day before hers. She’s sent me really fabulous things to supplement my retreat this weekend and I’m glad to bring a piece of her with me.

Namaste, bitches!


2 responses to “Vote Equality

  1. Dear Woolverine:
    So glad this M/W has made you smile. And launched you well for your yoga-tastic knitting pilgrimage. Have a delicious time.
    xxx- M/W

  2. Thank you. I will be bringing your book of poems and a book about sinus health 🙂 Travel safe!

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