My Maine Man

Yeah, that’s a Rain Man reference. Sorry. I just want to take a brief time out to say that I’m heartbroken about the outcome of the Maine equality referendum but so incredibly proud of the work folks did there and will continue to do. It’s hard to be patient for this incremental fight but it’s gone faster than any other civil rights movement in history. So I make a personal commitment to keep talking, being, living equality…and hope you will join me.

Still need a pick-me-up? There’s a great post from a queer South Carolinian here.

And tonight, Ellison and I are going on a nature walk to try to spot some beavers. For realz.


2 responses to “My Maine Man

  1. oh! that sounds like a good audubon outing.

    ugh to Maine.
    considering giving some other state my #3 slot.

  2. Didn’t see them, but heard them and got permission from the reserve manager to do future night hikes. My new pickup line: “Want to go on a night hike to see the beaver?”

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