Lucky Star

Ellison and I went out late on Monday night to try to catch a shooting star during the Leonid meteor shower. Because we’re too old to stay up late, and too young to wake up for the pre-dawn hours, we thought we’d go around midnight. We made a couple of stops before we found a good place, located on the beach, far enough away from the city lights to have a chance of seeing something.

Ellison looking for shooting stars

Ellison packed us tea, a bundle of blankets to cuddle up in, and a hot water bottle to keep us toasty, since we thought we might have to sit for a while as it was far before the peak viewing time. But we didn’t even need everything – once we got out to the beach to check it out, we saw the most amazing shooting star zipping across the sky. It burned long and bright and really felt like a gift from the universe.

We stood out there a while longer, hoping to see more, and enjoying the crispness of the evening. An amazing wrap-around view of the bay and the Newport Bridge in the distance made it hard to pull ourselves away. But eventually I realized I was getting really tired, and we needed to hop in the car to make it home safely.Sometimes, it’s good to have an experience that restores wonder in the world.


2 responses to “Lucky Star

  1. I didn’t get to see anything here! Live too far into the “city”!!!

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