Wikkid Smaaht

It’s Smarty Pants’ birthday today.  We’ve been trying to find the perfect hat pattern, and the perfect yarn, and I thought I had found the perfect solution: a skein of a limited edition colorway from Three Irish Girls, produced for an event this summer called Dye for Glory. I ordered it ages ago and it just arrived in the mail, and frankly, I’m not as excited as I thought I’d be. The photo below shows the dark, saturated shades I was expecting on the left, and the far lighter yarn on the right.
image of the promo images, and the yarn I gotI’m not sure what to do – satisfaction is guaranteed, and while it’s lovely, it’s not what I was expecting. Smarty Pants, perhaps you will weigh in on this dilemma?


5 responses to “Wikkid Smaaht

  1. I love you. I do not love the yarn. ::le sigh::

  2. That’s a real big difference! I wouldn’t like it…

  3. I am a 3IG fan. Here’s what I can tell you: The different bases of the yarn make it take the dye differently. Some of the 3IG fans did a group bulk buy where they got the same colorways on different bases just to compare. Some of them, especially the more satureated ones came out very differently.

    Sharon dyes most of the stuff to order, so it often does take a long time to get the yarn. She posted last week that she’d had a pretty bad steam burn on her arm.

    Here’s what I would do: I’d email Sharon. She’s amazing with the customer support. I’d tell her exactly what you posted here. See if she can tell you the base to order so it will take the color the way you want it to be. I’ll bet she can get you fixed right up.

    • Thank you. I was not given a choice of bases when I first ordered. I think I’m going to sock this skein away for a while – because it’s lovely, but not what I expected – and then one day I will rediscover it excitedly. And I will keep this in mind and call before I order next time!

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