Fry, baby, Fry

I haven’t been writing this week because (1) I’ve been writing like crazy at work, so my computer looks unappetizing in my off hours, (2) I’m reading an amazing novel, A Happy Marriage, by Rafael Yglesias, which I want to spend all my free time consuming, (3) I’m knitting a Christmas Elephant, and (4) this Friday Ellison and I are hosting our annual Chanukkah party. There’s a lot of preparation involved in just making the list, buying the food and paper goods, and cooking the food up. But it’s also the only time each year that we actually bring a large group of people in, and as such, it requires an annual cleaning.

I’ve been airing a lot of my dirty laundry of late, so here’s one more piece. We have an “empty” cabinet in our dining room hutch. Before the party last year I had a small box of homeless items that needed to go somewhere out of the way. AHA!, I thought, I’ll put it in that empty cabinet. Well, apparently I’d had that same idea the previous two years, as there were two other small boxes of oddball items. And you know what? There’ll be another one this year.

Anyway, it’s a good excuse to clean out accumulated detritus in our mud room, on the shelves below our chopping block, and in the various corners where we put something we think we’ll get back to and never do. So this year: new table cloths, new bed skirts for our room and the guest room, a replacement bread knife (a long and sad story), a new gas stove for frying ease, but sadly no new countertop or dishwasher until after the party – our renovation has been delayed for granite tile sourcing reasons. That’s a good thing in one sense though: I will have time to document the process!

I love the Channukah party. It’s not an important religious holiday, but has been inflated to match the consumerist traditions of American Christmas. So this is, for us, a way to check back in with what’s important: friends, food, community, and warmth. It’s our holiday gift to our friends, anEllison makes one heck of a goyishe latke. They’re so good Copper Catfish is flying in from Denver to get one. If you’re coming, your chances of getting one are better the closer to 6 you arrive….just sayin’.


3 responses to “Fry, baby, Fry

  1. leaving our coats in the car this year.

    last year we smelled like latke for months. 🙂

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